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In order to get a business loan or apply for funding for an investment you should follow these steps in order to maximize the chances of a positive outcome.
The following process applies to loan applications in general and it should be adjusted to the business and the businessman's needs.
We should take the following steps: 

Step 1
Choose a bank you are already collaborating with
This will give an advantage during the evaluation of your credit standing and solvency.

Step 2
Ask for support letters from previous associates with whom you may collaborate for your new business project.

Step 3
Prepare a short description of the business and the businessman
It is common banking practice to prepare a short presentation of one’s company and business activities (name, owner, address, telephone, e-mail) or, if it is one’s first business project, to include a CV (education, professional experience, skills, profile, family activities, etc.) and contact information and attach it to the loan application.

Step 4
Prepare detailed information for the bank
Banks need assurances regarding loan payment method and the application should include:  

  • The amount of the loan
  • The intended use of the money
  • What you will achieve - How is it going to make your business stronger
  • Requested terms and years of payment 
  • What asset are you offering as a guarantee and a list of existing mortgages on the asset as well as liabilities regarding other bank loans?

Step 5
Prepare a Business Plan 
A business plan must include the financial plan i.e. the budget and cash flow. It comprises the following: 

  • anticipated profit and loss on a 12 month basis, 
  • anticipated profit and loss on a 5 year basis, 
  • anticipated cash flow.

Step 6
Fully substantiate your business plan
Prepare a Business Plan in which you describe in detail assumptions and necessity of the loan for the implementation thereof or the investment's goal.


  • General information on the business
  • The owners
  • Your personal contribution to the company based on your previous experience.
  • The company's legal form
  • Your company's advantages
  • Product presentation (describe products or services in detail)
  • Pricing policy (prices, fees, rent) for the products or services.
  • Clients and competitors
  • Promotion and distribution cost
  • Description of facilities, equipment, licenses, human resources, suppliers and direct associates or executives in the management team (Accountant, Counselor, Lawyer, etc.)
  • Break-even calculation.

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